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Gig at the Tyn-y-Coed, Capel Curig with John Lawrence, & The Cicatas

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Well that was a gig. After having not played for a while, i have to admit i was a bit ropey, and Vini did his best to keep the energy up fair play, accompanying me on lead guitar & harmonies as he does so well. In my defence, i was tired, and had, upon arrival (early for once) (well on time at least) been bumped up the running order from 1st on til last, I suppose you could say i ended up headlining. But more for logistical and stage coordination and management reasons rather then pure talent alone. So in short by the end of the night i was a bit bushed - let that be a lesson to you promoters! I don't mind headlining, but i'm not getting any younger...

Was good fun though, and did enjoy my set. And very good to catch up with Noel & Beth (The Cicatas) and their interesting new direction in music excentricity. Was very good fun and interesting (i think that's the best word), nay intruiguing to listen to, see and hear. I'd recommend anyone to go to one of their gigs as it is a treat, but unfortunately they tend to only gig but once a year by the sounds of things, according to them that is. And they're hoping to move to Australia very soon so might be a bit of a treck to catch their next set. However if you are in the area keep an ear out for them as it is worth it. Strangely enough it makes you want to hear more of them, which can only be a good thing of course. I do hope they carry on down there as well, a gift to oz i'd call it! You can of course listen on their page The Cicatas.

Much the same could be said of the inimitable mr John Lawrence with Jackie (with Dave Taylor on Bass), in so far as, there's never not a good time to listen to John's music, and you always want to hear more. It seeps in under your skin and draws your attention, almost without trying, and often, by the looks on Johns face on occassion, it's almost like he'd just rather you weren't paying attention so he could just get on with playing his guitar and singing the song without you bothering him. And every time is different, though immaculate, John doesn't stop his emotion of the moment travel through his music. And tonights gig was no exception. Jackie's voice is exceptional with quaking soulful jazz and blues over and undertones, very beautiful, and sits within the music perfectly, though could raise it up and above from time to time i feel. With a talent like that it deserves to be heard. And Dave (Taylor)'s bass playing and his sensitivity to john's lead and timing was exceptional, adding great texture and depth to the overall set. And John was as ever a true expression of his talent and years of experience, encapsulating what it means to have music searing through your veins. Truly brilliant.

And i can't finish this review without some contextual content to add to the precedings. In that, Rich (Eardley) the promoter is not a man without talent himself, but is like many of us around here, who relishes in the music even when he's not playing it, and there were plenty of other audience members with years of talent who equally appreciate the talent of others, with not an over inflated ego in the room, which makes for a great atmosphere and thoroughly enjoyable gig.

I should mention one in particular, and that is Dan Amor, who merely by his presence in the room adds to the quality of the night, and further more completed an impromptue Gabrielle 25 reunion, perhaps some 10 years or on so perhaps. Which was great to see all in the same place again. Most entertaining.

So there you go. And that's all for now.

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