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Kona are a 3, four or five piece, who have been / not been an item in name in the North Wales area for over 2 decades. Having missed fame fleetingly and occasionally and with various line ups and guises they have formed and reformed numerous times over the years, but not in the last 15. Though their music has stayed true to its early incarnations, the two original members,  Roger - vox & acoustic guitar, and Tommy - drums & samples have stayed the distance, though at a distance. Chris, the most distant of the members, having gotten seriously bored during lockdown in Spain, decided it was time to get the band back together, whether it was possible or not, but it's difficult to stop a man on a mission, and has no other distractions... . Crossing a wide cross-section of genres but mainly a pop punky rock edge, with a slightly indi kind of sound.

History: In their early days were tagged 'the ultimate party band' as they're reputation went, and a subsequent residency at the Greek Taverna in Upper Bangor for a few years in the late nineties, and regular appearances at the Heights in Llanberis, summer season slots in Abersoch and the local festival scene, earnt them a decent following, repute and regularily packed houses. They're early ep 'Biff Pop Bubble OOeeoo Ahh...' sold near 500 copies in it's physical release, as they were in those times. The band then took it's first sabbatical - the pressure of local fame was somewhat overwhelming, apparently. Since then they have gained members, lost members, made members, and spun off into other incarnations and bands, lived abroad and away but ultimately most have returned and are keen to gig again, covid and commitments allowing.

Kona have been



Chris Naylor - guitar (1994 – now living in Spain so keeps missing rehearsals)

Roger Hughes - vox/guitar/bass (1994 - present day)

Wayne Roberts - bass (1995 - 97)

Tommy Bell-Hughes - drums (1995 - present day)

Johnny Ball - vox (summer of '95)

Mike Gray - crap manager (1994 – Infinity)

Martin Farr - vox (1996 - ‘97, & 2020 - present day)


and then:

Cat Scarrett - vox (couple of gigs summer of ‘97)

Joe Wilkinson - bass (1996 - ‘97)

Chris Tripney - bass (couple of gigs autumn of ‘97)

Andy Norton - bass (1998 - ‘99)

Mikey Wroe - vox/percussion (couple of gigs spring 2000)

Dave Bass - bass (2000 - '02)

Dawn Rhodes - vox/percussion (summer festival tour 2001)

Anthony - drums (2001 - '02)

Chris Ryan - guitar (2004 - ‘06)

Nathan Page – bass (2005 – ‘05)

Henry Griffiths – bass (2005 – ‘06)

The early Years - a poem of some thanks


With mattresses against the window

And a borrowed four track

Courtesy of Geoff.


Gwydir & Crafnant cottages

except something had to give,

in Capel Garmon.



in Sound Solutions,

Engineered by Gez.


Forever fundamentally frustrated

By time

And physical constraints


Our options produced.

We did this thing

And nothing else instead


With happy results

Our options were not

Quite limiting.


The band 'was' called Mike

After our manager

Of much ill repute.


We used his space to practice,

Perform and annoy the neighbours.

thanks and sorry to John and Lou.


And thanks to the Dwyer boys also,

And those who followed

Close by, and at a distance.

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