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This is the title of my first blog post

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

They ask a lot of you don't they, in this modern day and age. When i were a lad we used to spend hours making mix tapes and then listening to them, in your own time, on your own, from start to finish, and maybe fast forwarding through the odd track. But not no more, no, now it's a few seconds of this, a text here, a message there, or a catchy status, image or blog. It's no wonder really that the world appears to be accelerating toward impending catastrophe, we're all just going to fast, and do you know what, it's just not sustainable.

IMO, if there were music that grabbed you, and i don't just mean tickled the senses, but actually searched deep inside you and scratched at your soul, without worrying about the image and the over production, then the world could save the day. Bill & Ted were right, music can save the world, but only in so far as that it should remind us to listen.

Enjoy your day, kind regards, Roger

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