That moment of silence

that deep orange glow

spread from inside

outside on the snow


A pure white blanket

untouched since it fell

a cushion of peace

from an eternal well


And the jagged cliffs

set against the sky line

for their moment

make everything seem fine


Make it all seem worthwhile

the struggle the trial

tribulations abound when oneness is found

watch them smile

Not enough love in the world, and all the hate, Syria's suffering caused by all of us who simply cannot wait, to bomb our way to security and the defence of the realm, who needs peace anyway, with a psychopath at the helm.

Strung together with corpses, 
our 'foreign policy', from Blair to Bush to Benn to push an agenda of death and horror, you see, there is no way out of this, this bunch's insipid claws are buried deep, to the core of the establishment, for too long they have a pact to keep.

Democracy, not a monarchy, nae an autocracy of truth, is what is needed for the people by the people if this warmongering, money grabbing hatred is to be set loose. 

and freed from its chains to run wild across the planes, you can see it with the wind in its hair, blue blood coursing through its veins. 

And peaceful men and women can hunt and shoot and target and ensnare, and put a bullet in its head without a single care.

Eradicated from this godless earth, with them gone "at last we will be free!", but calm your cheers everyone, there's another over there you see, you see 

They breed them like this over and over, goony leaders one and all, and so together they do stand, dead pigs head in hand, and fuck it for us all.

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