some bands and musicians / line ups i've played with.

The Pyjama Farmers

Watch this space...

The Secret ('11 - current)

I can't tell you much about these guys, for obvious reasons, but i've played and co-written a bit of stuff with them the last few years. They helped with the recording of this track Senseless. They rock out pretty hard when they get going, and pretty full on to play with which is good.

Been playing with these guys for a few years now. They used to be a locally renowned cover band called The Caution Horses. We have lots of fun just playing pop-rock type covers but it's good learning new styles all the time and stepping out your comfort zone from time to time.  Great guys and musicians and always good to play with. www.suspectsix.co.uk


The Wizard Sleeves ('12 - now)

This was just me and my mate (Wil Williams) getting together to play together and ended up doing a whole bunch of gigs backing each others material. it kinda stuck and we still gig together quite a bit at the mo.

Don't look at me and Heave
(Summer of '11)

This was a fun summer band we threw together a few years ago, with Eve Goodman, Beth Angharad, & myself singing, Ramin Bostan on Trumpet, Henry Griffiths on Bass, and Adrian Gunne on drums / percussion. Haven't done much with since, though there are loose plans to.


Wil Williams and the Continentals that is. A great Country Acoustic Rock line up, fronted by Wil who writes the material. Great guys who really know how to rock out, a 30minute set can easily turn into 2 hours without even realising it. Good sh*t man. I still play bass and do backing for them from time to time. Wil's latest album release - SongsFromRedOakMeillionen quality.

This started as a project between me and my mate, Dominik Grzeskowiak, who is an amazing keyboard / piano player, whilst i was recording an album in Manchester. I had loads of material and no band or outlet at the time, so we worked on the Berooz project. We released an ep before teaming up with Adam Crowe on the drums, started recording an album, Waiting in the Wings, yet to be compete. Dominik changed jobs and Adam moved away, but maybe again sometime.


Very rocky, with a bit of an old school twist. Great line up of rocky musicians, who managed to record and ep, one live videod session (under vids on this site), and then 2 full albums, one we did ourselves, and one with Lawrence Music in an old Chapel, which was quite awesome. They've both yet to be mastered and then they're done, but the band kind of imploded before we got to that point. Will finish it when i have some time. The ep is here - myspace.com/electricsunroof


An acoustic duo spawned from the dissolution of G.r.a.c.e. (see below) with Ben Kirkham on guitar and occassional guest vocals from Naomi Sharpe, and Tommy Bell Hughes on percussion. Really Nice stuff, some of it on here -  myspace.com/ookio

Also spawned from the jaws of G.r.a.c.e., The Co-Conspiritors started off being Grace's backing band when there were no others available, which led to us regularly coming up with new names, this one stuck. We recorded various stuff in various places but no formal ep or album, though have plenty of material that could be put together to ake one up, which i might just do, when i have time, some tunes on here though - myspace.com/coconspiritors

Prog pop rock maybe, or something. Amazing stuff but quite a frictitious band, if there is such a word. Managed to get an ep out 'Dis-Grace' a live album from the Quayside in Conwy, and a whole bunch of material we never managed to get down unfortunately. We won a Battle of the Bands, and had a regular residency at local venue in Bangor, but i guess it just wasn't meant to be. A few tunes here - myspace.com/givingreason

Roger & Benno ('02 - '06)

Off the back of the Monks we set about playing as a duo for a fair old while, in and out of other bands inc. G25, Infinity Chimps, & Turnstone.

Only recorded one ep though did feature on a couple of compilations also. May get round to do a re-master and maybe add a few bits to those recordings in due course, when i have the time. Benno Boeck's playing deserves to be heard again.

Kona ('97 - '03)

This was a band that certainly stirred up interest generally, with only one officially released ep (Biff Pop Bubble ooeeoo Ahh!), we used to have a packed venue, where we had a residency, week after week, and a good following, headlining local festivals, and supporting touring bands, offers of recording deals, and gigs up and down the country. In the end we were only really interested in having a good time, and one too many bass players put paid to this steam train roller coaster in the end. Shame, was great fun, and though we did have a bit of a revival a few years ago, and the songs still exist, you can't turn back the clock.

Played with Sarah (now Sera) for a couple of years and she's recently signed to a Cardiff based management company and has Wales wide, UK and US tours in the offing. Great songs and a great singer.  www.seraofficial.com

Awesome band. Some amazing music continually comes out of these guys repertoire. Was lucky enough to play bass for them for a few years, and record their Cool & Slow album with them, which is an amazing album, as are all their others. Some of their tunes on here - myspace.com/trnstone

Alt country line up fronted by Gaz Williams. Some very good alt tunes we had some good reviews along the way but couldn't go the distance. The band dissolved before our 2nd album was completed, all was done but the singing... some of the tunes from the 1st album here -  www.last.fm/music/Colobos


Amazing music, penned and performed by the inimitable mr John Lawrence, a truly unique musician and songwriter. Incredible. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Lawrence_%28musician%29).

This was a great line up, which i was very priveleged to be able to be a part of for a while, playing bass and some amazing harmonies which included singing with the mr Dan Amor as well. And John's music carries on obviously, more of it on here - www.lawrence-music.com


This was my first venture into playing with another full band other than my own. A great line up with soem great songs penned by mr Dan Amor in the main with Noel Jones adding his bits, and me and John (Lawrence) bringing up the rear on rhythm (Drum and Bass). Some great gigs and some great music to boot - www.last.fm/music/Gabrielle+Twenty+Five. And Dan's music carries on as well of course - danamor.bandcamp.com/album/rainhill-trials


Amphibian Monks ('01 - '06)

About as loose a collective of musicians as you can get, a group of about a dozen folk who would come together to gig as and when, sometimes only a few would turn up, others almost all of them! In the main it was myself, Wil Williams, and Sion Gwenallt who would sing and perform our own songs with everyone else jamming along and playing hell for leather, including Stelios (percussion), Benno (cello), Tommy (percussion), Megan (violin), Rob (flute), amongst others.

Mike - the Band ('95 - '97)

'a perfect flow of musical chemistry' - Mike were the 1st installation of my venture into the world of music, and playing in a band. Born of suddenly having being shown how to play guitar at a very late age, having been led to believe i didn't have a musical bone in the my body, this was a great adventure of exploration and experimentation. 'Mike (the Band)' was named after our manager who's house we used to live and rehearse in, who used to get mightily peeved with the noise we would make, (as would the neighbours actually) so we named the band after him to appease the situation, which worked for a while. Mike were the birthplace of my songwriting career, which led on to Kona and everything else... Quite a journey it has been.

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