in B r i e f 

When confronted with the question 'Who are you?' it's always best to answer, 'Whoever you want to be', make sense?


Maybe not, is it because you want to know more about that person? Maybe they do. Well, looking back at life may give some answer to that, but then maybe it won't.


Here are some pictures of Roge(r) that might give you an idea of how suprising, not least of all to himself, in retrospect, Roge's life, can be...

bands he's been in...


Gabrielle 25  (with Dan Amor)

The Infinity Chimps  (with John Lawrence)


Electric Sunroof


Wil Williams & The Continentals

Igam Ogam

The Suspects 



Aside from that he(i) always writes from the heart and sometimes from the hip, and sometimes to the left a bit...or the right. He wants nothing more than to be heard, 'maybe he should turn the volume up' you say! maybe you're right, maybe he should..


Peace out.

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